Big Car or Small Car? Rich or Poor?

The US automotive industry is responsible for manipulating and diverting the minds of the youth as well as other age groups. These advertisements manipulate innocent people in a way that their only motivation to work harder and get richer is to be able to have that class. This is as absurd as anything can be in today’s age when they should be more focused on what is more efficient and environment friendly. This industry goes on and portrays their big cars as more attractive and classy because they know this is something which can be used to coax people into buying these.

SUVs advertisements showed these cars as family cars so that family oriented people would start buying them. This did actually happen as mothers who are already safety conscious became even more conscious about safety while driving. Even though safety concerns have more to do with driving and the engine of the car. The SUV’s size is portrayed as safer and more efficient. Now a person with basic knowledge of cars would know that the big show is just adding weight and doing no good. Cars do not become more efficient just by increasing the size!

What most people fail to realize is that the huge size and increased but useless features just enhance the fuel consumption. The fact that SUVs are actually not efficient at all because the added weight makes the car consume even more fuel and thus disrupt the aerodynamics. This results in the car exhaling a lot more fuel as well. These factors are described on in detail as people need to realize that the bigger size is of no use. The US automotive industry should be more considerable and responsible about their advertisement campaigns.