Careful What You’re a Host to

You may love animals and pride yourself on your hospitality towards your guests, but you’ll need to be very careful of pests still. It’s one thing to appreciate nature while it’s out there where it belongs and another to have your home invaded by some pest that’s not just creeping around and causing panic but also ruining your home’s quality. There might be some insects or small animals in your home right now that come out at night, eat your food and burrow through the walls – who knows where their waste ends up going too.

That’s not a very pleasant thought now, is it? You’ll be surprised at how many house owners out there don’t even know that they’ve been living with pests for years. Southend pest control can confirm that most of the times, people only place a call after things get really bad. It’s hard to be sure that you have a pest problem building up in your home till it’s obvious but if you’re careful, you might notice the signs earlier as well. Here are a few signs that you might be cohabitating with pests.

That Inexplicable Allergy

Has someone in your home just started sneezing a whole lot recently? Well, if they also have red eyes and breathing problems then it’s probably an allergic reaction to something new in the house – some pest. This can be dangerous so it’s a good idea to contact Southend pest control right away.

Half Eaten Food

If at any point you start spotting bits and pieces of half eaten food, especially near your trash can then chances are that you have vermin in the house. They come out at night to look for food so try setting a non-lethal mousetrap overnight.