Clean You Roof: Pressure Washing or Soft Washing?

A roof is basically your shelter. It is hence really important to take care of it and keep it clean. But unfortunately, roof cleaning can be tough. The materials of which roofs are usually made up of are difficult to handle. They include cement, metal and terracotta among many others. Your roofs need to be cleaned in a special way.

The opinions are divided into two parts on how your roof needs to be cleaned. One faction says that your roof needs to be cleaned with a water pressure cleaner while the other one says the completely opposite. They maintain that you should use soft washing.

The ones who say pressure cleaner is the better option form this opinion on the basis that pressure cleaners clean all the dirt, bacteria, slime, moss etc. rooted deep in the pores of the roof and give your roof a fresh and new look which increases its longevity. Pressure cleaners throw water at immense pressures and clean everything coming into its paths and it can reach the tightest of angles. A majority of the population maintain this view, including Matrix Roofing Glen Waverly.

The ones who root for soft washing are relatively smaller and not a lot of people are versed with this term. Soft washers generally say that they blasting high speeds of water on your roofing can potentially damage the concrete and your roof. It can make water reach all the nooks and crannies and then cause seepages, water hoarding, leakages etc. The way soft washing counters it is by applying a special mold on the roof which cleans all the dirt, bacteria etc. and then it is washed with normal water. Then the surface cleaner acts as a self-cleaner with a life of almost 1-5 years, totally depending on the environment.