Do You Have to Be Very Tall to Play Basketball?

One of the downsides of watching basketball games on TV is that they kind of rub the words ‘you have to be taller than 6’5 to qualify for this sport’ in the viewer’s faces. I mean, we get it, it is indeed very impressive that a lot of Major League players have incredibly tall heights and it makes sense to display the heights of players along with their names since it’s very obvious that the viewers are wondering. However, this is also a bit daunting for those of us who have a shorter height and just want to play the game.

If there’s any aspect of the game where height will actually be beneficial, then it’s when it comes to shooting the ball when everyone wants to snatch it away from you. You can certainly shoot the ball at any height, it’s just that if you can hold it at a greater height, you can keep it out of your opponent’s reach long enough to position your shot. However, if you’re short you can still be a very good player. Yes, you can use your short height to a very great advantage.

Look, not everyone has such a tall height and that’s okay, don’t let that keep you from playing the game you love so much. If you need basketball tips for short players, you can check them out over at Ballers Republic. If everyone on the playing field is taller than you, you might feel overwhelmed by competition but really you already have an edge over everyone else. You have the unique ability to keep the ball closer to the ground when handling it, making it difficult to snatch and easier for you to carry the game and that’s pretty much half the game right there!