The Best Coffee Spots in Shanghai

China is not the first place that pops to mind when you think about coffee, however, this vast country has plenty of things to offer, including some great spots to grab aromatic and caffeine enriched coffee. Shanghai has a number of coffee houses and cafes that serve a large variety of coffees, along with superb atmospheres that really let you make the most out of every cup of coffee that you drink.

Let’s take a look at some awesome coffee spots in Shanghai that you should definitely visit if you are ever in the area.

Amokka Café

This café offers a well ventilated sitting area where you can sit down to enjoy a variety of coffees, along with other drinks and some scrumptious food. In fact, this café is particularly popular amongst tourists as a breakfast and brunch spot thanks to its combination of environment, flavour, and coffee.

Baker & Spice

Bake & Spice has become a renowned bakery chain in Shanghai that was founded back when this city had a very underdeveloped bakery market. Their combination of freshly baked goods and quality coffee immediately made Baker & Spice a sensation in Shanghai, one that can now be found all across the city, dishing out baked goodness and some amazing cappuccinos.

Café Del Volcán

If you are someone who is into making their own coffee and appreciates quality coffee blends then Café del Volcán is definitely worth visiting, this boutique café offers coffee for drinking and also sells its uniquely roasted coffee blends.

Café Paddy

A great coffee spot in the day and a lovely cocktail spot in the evening, Café Paddy is a small time operation located in what was once Shanghai’s French Concession. Its tiny size is what makes this café so appealing, other than its coffee of course.

Rumors Coffee

This coffee spot stands out from the crowd because of two reasons; it brings a taste of Japanese coffee to China and it makes its brews using a rather expensive drip method. Coffee connoisseurs can go here to enjoy high end coffee made using a selection of Japanese coffee beans, a truly exquisite coffee experience in Shanghai that is offered by a very hospitable staff.

Seesaw Coffee

Especially popular amongst TripAdvisor users, this coffee spot is off the beaten path and finding it can be tricky, however, its range of western influenced coffee drinks are worth trying out.

The Press By Inno Coffee

As its name suggests, this coffee spot is situated in a building that was once used by the press, it offers a pretty good brunch menu that consists of a mixture of western and local dishes. You can also come here to enjoy a great high tea experience.


This café tries its best to provide a western coffee experience in Shanghai, you can expect to find a variety of food items that one would expect to find in a coffee shop in America, including bagel sandwiches and a number of breakfast/lunch options as well. It is a popular spot that is packed with tourists and locals.

A Look At The Nomad Coffee Club

Nomad Coffee Club is a coffee subscription service that keeps things nice and simple; they send you a bag of whole bean, single roasted coffee on a monthly basis, and their coffee tastes pretty good. This subscription service is all about simplicity, they do not get into any fancy customisability related services and only focus on providing you with coffee; delicious, wholesome coffee that is sourced and prepared by the company itself.

When you subscribe with Nomad, you get to choose between light roasted, medium roasted, or roasted to order coffee beans, once you have made your pick, they begin sending you coffee on a monthly basis. Now let’s take a more in-depth review at how Nomad works and what do they have to offer.

Coffee Quality

If you are subscribing to a coffee service, the first thing that you are going to want to be sure of is the quality of what they send you since the whole point of a coffee subscription service is to get good coffee on your doorstep. Nomad manages to please when it comes to quality, their single roasted beans are definitely better than anything else you will find in the market at that range, and they even manage to hold their ground against direct competition.

Nomad gets its coffee beans primarily from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Panama, one of the company’s selling points is that they roast their beans just before shipping them, this allows Nomad to provide its customers with relatively freshly roasted coffee beans. If you are ordering from somewhere within America then you can expect to get a batch of coffee beans that has been roasted a mere 4 days before reaching you.


Currently Nomad offers four plans that pretty much give you the exact same thing but with different time periods. One plan will let you pay for a monthly subscription while another will let you pay for 3 months in advance. In terms of money saving, you only manage to save a few quarters when subscribing to their larger plans so it all comes down to how committed you are to buying from Nomad.

Nomad’s Website

While minimalism and simplicity are quite trendy nowadays, Nomad takes both of these a bit too far on their website; navigation is hard due to the small and inconspicuous looking buttons and links, and they do not provide you with too much detail regarding your orders and order history.

This is a bad move on their part since having a customer friendly website is an incredibly important thing for any business that does not have a physical presence.

Overall, Nomad Coffee Club is all about simplicity and good coffee, they manage to provide both of these things to their customers, however, their services do need a bit of polish, especially their website. Another noteworthy thing about Nomad is that once you have subscribed with them, you can pretty much forget about having to track your order since they will get your coffee to your doorstep every time.

Coffee Bag Collages: A Fun Way to Use Coffee Bags

Most people tend to throw away their coffee bags once they have emptied them, while this is a perfectly normal thing to do, there are other ways in which you can make used coffee bags useful once again and also reduce the amount of  waste that you produce. There are a number of coffee brands out there that have artsy looking packaging that is eye catching and also looks great. Now, with a bit of hoarding and buying coffee from the right brands, you can gather a pile of awesome looking coffee bags that you can then put together in order to make a very appealing coffee bag collage.

Making these collages is very simple, even a child could do it, provided that they drink coffee on a regular basis. Let’s walk through the entire coffee bag collage making process.

Things That You Will Need

Around 15 to 20 empty bags of coffee, scissors to cut and shape them, a heavy, flat object such as a book to flatten out your coffee bags and a canvas board on which you will be pasting your collage. You should also make use of a strong glue of some kind that will hold the bags in place and ensure that your collage does not start falling apart any time soon.

Getting Cool Looking Coffee Bags

This is perhaps the hardest part of making the collage, in order to get your hands on some decent coffee bags you are going to have to make a few sacrifices, mainly in terms of taste as you will be prioritizing a coffee’s packaging rather than its quality. Fortunately, there are a few brands out there that offer great coffee and great packaging, you just need to look hard enough for them.

Hoarding Used Coffee Bags

As you go through your coffee, remember to store each used bag in a safe place, preferably someplace where they will not be accidentally thrown in the trash. To make things easier for yourself when the time comes for making the collage, you can cut the bags open using scissors and place them under something flat and heavy, like your bed’s mattress. This will flatten out the coffee bags and make working with them much easier.

Designing Your Collage

Remember, when it comes to creating art, you need to have a vision that will guide you as you work. This is why you need to plan out your collage before you begin cutting and pasting. Draw out your design and placement with a pencil on your canvas, and once you have finalized the design, all you need to do is wait till you have your materials ready.

Begin Gluing

Once everything has been readied, all you need to do is grab a glue, a pair of scissors and start cutting your coffee bags into different shapes and designs. You could simply paste them without cutting them, but that will make your collage look too simple. After you have pasted everything, give it some time to dry out, you could place it under something heavy to make sure everything sticks perfectly.