What to Do If You’re Faced With an Electrical Failure

There are many different levels of electrical faults that you could face at home. Some of these are just annoying but harmless. For example, if there are flickering lights in your home, you’ll just get annoyed at them or maybe even spooked but you’re not going to be immediately concerned. However, if some of your appliances burn up upon connection to the power source, you might be a little more concerned.

The latter kind of electrical emergencies can sometimes end up in very scary and life-threatening situations.  The most obvious thing to do when faced with such a situation would be to call an electrician to come to save you, your house and everything that’s attached to your power outlets. Now there’s bound to be a window of time between the time you place the call and the time when the electricians actually arrive so here are a few things you can do to reduce harm in the meanwhile.

Hands Off

Rule number one is to keep your hands to yourself in these situations. Even if a loved one in danger, you shouldn’t touch them while they’re in contact with electricity. They may be fine now but a single mistake can get both you and the person you intend on saving killed.

Turn Off The Power

This is the most obvious thing to do, isn’t it? But when you’re panicking, this might not occur to you right away. Make a mental note of this now; always cut the power in such dangerous situations. Don’t hesitate to cut the power to the entire house as long as it’s saving someone’s life from danger. Don’t power anything back on till the electrician gets here too.